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FEV1 - forced expiratory volume in 1 second, FEV1%VC

Forced expiratory volume in one second, FEV1The FEV1 is the volume exhaled during the first second of a forced expiratory maneuver started from the level of total lung capacity.

FEV1 is by far the most frequently used index for assessing airway obstruction, bronchoconstriction or bronchodilatation; FEV1 expressed as a percentage of the VC is the standard index for assessing and quantifying airflow limitation. FEV1%VC declines with age and height.
As IVC > EVC > FVC in patients with obstructive lung disease, the VC should be specified when using the FEV1/VC ratio, hence FEV1%FVC (forced expiratory ratio, FER) or FEV1%IVC. The Tiffeneau-index is FEV1%IVC (ref. 2).

Ref. 1 - If 8 maneuvers have not led to a FVC or FEV1 meeting the above requirements for reproducibility, then further attempts are useless:

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Ref. 2 - Tiffeneau index
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