Become an
Expert in Spirometry


The instruments

The steps to be taken vary with the equipment in use and may comprise:

The patient
Measure the subject’s standing height.
Are there any contraindications to performing the test? (for example: recent severe coronary problems, abdominal or thoracic surgery, fractured ribs, lung embolus, severe trauma).
Are there any contraindications to administering bronchodilators?
Which drugs are being used at the present, when were they last taken?
Is the patient naïve to the test or experienced?
  · Explain the procedure carefully and demonstrate the maneuvers.
  · Let naïve patients perform at least two test maneuvers and explain to them how these can be improved.
  · See to it that the patient’s trunk and neck remain erect during the maneuvers, the patient looking straight forward during the entire test without bending over (the latter not only affects the way the trachea is stretched, but may also lead to saliva dripping into the equipment).
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